Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the numbers I entered in BNI Connect not show up right away?

Generally this is usually a timing issue. Since the meeting for the Business Growth Network is on a Wednesday, The Vice President will submit the previous weeks stats on the Tuesday before the next meeting. So if you enter your numbers on a Friday for example, you will not see those until the following Wednesday.

Can anyone be a member of a chapter?

We only take one person per business specialty. So if you are a residential real estate person and we already have one, we can refer you to another Chapter, or we may work with you to open another Chapter. Of course, if you are a commercial real estate person, you could be eligible to participate in this chapter.

Do trades/barters for service get entered and counted in BNI Connect?

Yes. You may enter whatever the agreed upon rate is for your barter.

What if a member gets a referral and does poor work?

We have a Code of Ethics and it’s the Membership Committee’s job to make sure it’s respected. It is imperative that anyone who gives a referral and finds out it was not satisfactorily handled must report that to the Membership Committee, who will investigate in a professional manner.

What is the purpose of BNI?

BNI┬« is a business and professional networking organization that allows one representative from each classification to join. The sole purpose of the group is to give its members more business. It’s based on the concept that what goes around comes around. If you give business to me, I will give business to you.

Why Do I Get A Message My 1:1 Has Already Been Entered?

If you have a 1:1 with another chapter member and you try and record it in BNI Connect and you receive the following error:

“There is another One to One in the system that matches this one. Saving this One to One may create a duplicate entry. Do you wish to proceed?”

This just means the other chapter member has already entered the 1:1 and you will both get credit!

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