Bloom Healing Botanical Spa

A clinical-turned-Holistic Esthetician, Rebecca first discovered the Laurel Whole Plant Organics line through several serendipitous encounters in the summer of 2016. Just 6 months later, while attending the first Laurel Educational Retreat, Rebecca came to be fascinated with all things Holistic Skin Care. On day three of the four day retreat, Rebecca experienced a “quantum moment”, defined as a moment in time that takes one by surprise, but is intuitively understood to the person as life-altering. In this moment, she knew that she had found her soul-gift – her vehicle for being a contribution to herself and to the world. And so began the evolution that has culminated in the creation of Bloom Healing Botanical Spa.

Since Mid-January, 2017, Rebecca has experienced a personal and professional transformation that is awe-inspiring. Through the utilization of plant-based beauty practices, energy work, and a new-found passion for lavishing herself with impeccable self-care, she has effortlessly lost 65 lbs, healed her own rosacea, and found sobriety. She continues to evolve through an insatiable hunger for knowledge, self-awareness, expansion, and contribution.

In founding Bloom, Rebecca aims to assist others in reclaiming their own natural state of health and beauty. Because Rebecca has personally experienced the same symptoms and ailments suffered by many, she is able to find a way of explaining and implementing small shifts that create massive change.