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Family Systems & Project Manager

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  • Does LIFE feel complicatedas you juggle too many balls in the air?
  • Does your HOME OFFICE feel unsettledwith too many projects and too little time?
  • Are you navigating a LIFE TRANSITIONwhile crossing unfamiliar bridges?

I am a CHIEF OF STAFF and CHIEF OF STUFF who can help create structure and manage projects and obligations with professionalism and poise. I am your SWISS ARMY KNIFE of problem solving tools to make sure you have the resources you need.

I support people with busy complex lives to identify and resolve pain points across their family system, business, and/or philanthropy, and then I partner with them to strategize solutions, organize the moving pieces, and get stuff done.

As a multi-lingual MBA with years of global development and business experience, I have been able to use my 'left brain' professional skills to drive my 20+ years of 'right brain' special-needs parenting and family management. I now use those skills to work with clients who need a multi-faceted approach to their family system, building bridges and systems across their various needs and schedules.

If you are a global professional in transition, a parent stewarding a complex family, or a couple navigating new life phases and preserving their legacy, I am your person. I offer strategic thought partnership and intuitive wisdom to help you do what's yours to do in life.


Phone: (510) 414-7820