Allison Ayer Massage

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Health & Wellness

I work with athletes, people in chronic pain, pregnant women and new moms, people pre and post-surgery, people with insomnia, digestive issues, adrenal issues, vision issues, dizziness, food intolerances, migraines and jaw problems, people who have been in car accidents, and people who sit at their desks all day!

I help you to reduce or eliminate pain, lower stress, sleep, concentrate and digest better, improve athletic performance, and have greater range of motion.

I can help even if you haven’t had success with other modalities, by reprogramming your nerve receptor and improving its communication with the brain, so that your body can restore its own natural functionality of muscles, organs, joints and all integrated structures.

I use P-DTR, a manual neuro-therapy, to restore your proper software settings, and integrate ART or deep tissue massage when there is scar tissue or fascial restriction. Sports massage is available pre- and post-event. I will give you homework movements to remind the nervous system of the work it has accomplished. Integrated workout sessions are also available to strengthen your new found connections.


Phone: (415) 254-4200