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It takes a special kind of person to look at a dirty surface and think, “man I’d really like to clean that”. But that’s me! I’m one of those people who really enjoys cleaning and organizing. I even worked my way through college as a janitor for the Parks & Rec department of our city. So, I guess it makes sense that I would open a home and office cleaning business of my own.

My wife and I started Spring Into Clean in 2018. People often ask us if running a business together is tough. But we really enjoy it. We actually met each other at work! We were already very familiar with each other’s work habits and what kind of values were important to us. We knew we wanted to open a company that would help people. And I don’t mean just helping our clients maintain a clean home. Our primary focus was to take care of our employees – pay them a livable wage, benefits they really needed, and a schedule that was reliable but still provided them a work/life balance. It’s easy to attract some truly amazing talent with these types of benefits. And when the employees are happy and feel appreciated, they do good work, which means our clients get wonderful housekeeping by fantastic people.

Fitzgerald Lee
Spring Into Clean


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