Julie Stuart

Business Coach

Julie’s diverse background gives her a broad perspective on how to take your business and leadership to the next level. She is a strong advocate for self-awareness as the path to running a successful business. She believes the most courageous and successful people have realistic assessments of their own abilities – their strengths and weaknesses, their effect on others, and the gaps that need to be filled.

Julie starts with helping clients get clear on their vision, core values, measurable goals, and the obstacles that are getting in the way.

She employs grounded, practical, real-life techniques to develop the “muscles” leaders need to flourish while supporting bottom line results and growing a thriving business. She prescribes time for reflection and observation to create greater understanding of core motivations and limiting beliefs as well as the impact of actions and inactions.

Julie is passionate about turning good managers into great leaders whom others would follow anywhere. She has a proven track record of helping busy leaders improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills so they inspire and influence others. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve both professional and personal goals, and increasing their sense of work-life balance and overall health.

Julie has offered numerous workshops on the topics of embodied leadership, non-verbal communication, and powerful presence. She advocates for working smarter, not harder and believes the more aligned and authentic we are in our communication, the more effective we are at inspiring others, accomplishing our goals and reaching our vision.

Some of Julie’s clients have included Apple, Accela, Amato Architecture, Clif Bar, IESE Business School of the University of Navarra in Barcelona, Spain, Method Home, Pankow Builders, Pacific Community Ventures and VinPerfect. She has partnered with leaders at The Wikimedia Foundation, Yammer, Capricorn Investment Group, Sports Basement, and Presidio Sport and Medicine.


Phone: 415.706.6906

Email: julie@juliestuart.com

Website: http://www.juliestuart.com