Project Description

Photography is something I’ve always been in love with. As a child of five on holiday I always wanted to be in charge of my father’s camera, crying out, “I’m the photographer! I’m the photographer!” The camera was a Nikomat he was very proud of, and he insisted I wear the strap around my neck. It was heavy for me, and the thin strap cut into my neck. The camera still sits on my shelf. It’s still heavy.

Photography is a magical thing. It allows me to freeze a memory, so that later I can say, “Look! This is where I was. This is what I saw.” It is a form of meditation, where I walk slowly, still my mind, and see the world and light in tiny detail and in slow motion. Or it can be a key to open a conversation, whether with nomads on the other side of the globe, with talented and creative people on the set of a fashion shoot, or with people I photograph on a Saturday morning outside my local barbershop.

My clients include Boden, Grazia (London and Milan), The Times, The Telegraph, The Fader Magazine, National Geographic, Levi Strauss (London), Sony, and Biba.