Aviva Black

Family Love Letters

BNI Category: Heath and Wellness, Other

As we were going through my father’s papers a few days after he died, my brother, sister and I found a sealed letter he’d left for us in the top drawer of his desk. My father was wise and warm and had a terrific sense of humor. The letter he wrote captured all this and he wrapped every word in love. I reread his heartfelt message when I need encouragement or just want to hear his voice. I can only imagine how satisfying it would have been to have talked with him during his lifetime about what he wrote.

His letter became the inspiration for Family Love Letters.

While I knew my father’s values and many of his stories, his letter has been such a gift to his children and grandchildren. He’s provided us with an enduring connection and, perhaps, an even better understanding of ourselves.

I created Family Love Letters to help others craft such a letter of a lifetime. It’s really hard to preserve your stories. Where to start? What to include? The experience is easy, fun and rewarding. What emerges is a keepsake letter that connects the generations.

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