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Chapter Events Calendar

Links to Business Networking International (BNI) official sites

BNI San Francisco Bay This is the regional website for “SF Bay”. Lot’s of good resources here including the calendar which is where you can search for upcoming Member Success Program (MSP) classes as well as Leadership Team training etc.

BNI Connect (members only)
This is where members log in to enter referrals and closed business etc. You can also network with members from other chapters (Wordlwide!) and view chapter reports etc. There is also a mobile app which can be used to bth enter your stats but also network while you are out and about.

The Official BNI Podcast
The Official BNI Podcast is a weekly audio discussion with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization.

BNI Training Videos
Training videos by Dawn Lyons & Mike Macedonio Executive Directors of BNI SF Bay.

New Member Orientation
New member orientation for newly inducted members. Listen the this first then enroll in the Member Success Program below.

BNI Member Success Online Training (MSP)
Online Member Success Program (MSP) Training

Main BNI Website
With over 240,000 members in 8,500-plus chapters worldwide, BNI is the world’s leading referral organization. In 2017 alone, BNI member referrals have generated $13.6 billion USD in revenue for our member businesses.

Links to BNI partner organizations

Asentiv Asentiv provides entrepreneurs with the coaching, consulting, and engagement necessary for every entrepreneur to attain their vision of an Amazing Business and a Spectacular Life.

Mentor Program

Meeting Agenda for Mentors/Chapter Members
These are meeting agendas for the mentors and experienced chapter members for their for 1:1’s with new members.