Dr. Agi Ban

MOVE Chiropractic

BNI Category: Chiropractor

Dr. Ban opened Ashby Chiropractic and Health Center (now MOVE Chiropractic and Rehab) in 1994 with a commitment to create an office that provides a spectrum of healing arts.

Through expert diagnosis and hands-on doctoring, Dr. Ban gives the individualized attention that is often lacking in today’s health system. Using myofascial release, chiropractic adjustments, a variety of physical therapy modalities, and Pilates-based exercise programs, Dr. Ban heals injuries and optimizes her patient’s mobility and continued comfort. She works with orthopedists, podiatrists, and nutritionists outside of the office to ensure that you get complete care.

Dr Ban’s specialty areas are in disc injuries, spinal stabilization and whiplash injuries. She is trained as a court expert witness, experience that has deepened her understanding of the specialized treatment needed for injuries caused by auto accidents. She is on the Board of Directors for the Laser Pain Management Association (LPMA) and also has training as a Chiropractic Sport’s Physician.

Phone: 1-510-845-4540