Hugh Groman

Hugh Groman Group

BNI Category: Catering

Hugh Groman’s love for simple, vibrantly flavored food and attention to detail have made him one of the leading caterers in the Bay Area. Established in 2001, Hugh Groman Catering has catered events both large and small throughout the Bay Area including events honoring notables such as Barack Obama, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Nancy Pelosi, Laurence Fishburne, Sally Ride, Arianna Huffington, Harry Belafonte and Gloria Steinem.

Hugh also owns Greenleaf Platters, a high end party platter delivery service, as well as Phil’s Sliders, the well loved restaurant in downtown Berkeley.

Hugh Groman Catering & Greenleaf Platters are certified green businesses by the County of Alameda. Hugh applies his creativity and love of food when creating menus and recipes and counts among his influences, Tom Colicchio for his aesthetic, commitment to freshness and simplicity and aversion to “tortured food” and Danny Meyer for his business acumen and unwavering dedication to high quality in all areas of his restaurants.

As Hugh Groman explains, “I believe what sets us apart is a real commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, a high level of taste, and a refusal to compromise on any level.”

Phone: 1-510-647-5165