Jesse C. Dienner


BNI Category: Musician

Having spent my pre-musician life deeply exploring the excitement and value of music–in communities local, national, and international–by the time the instruments materialized and developed in my hands and voice, I was ready to take my songwriting and performance to any level a heart could desire. With 6500+ songs composed to date, in over 40+ genres/sub-genres of music, I am ever-expanding the quality, quantity, and qualifications of my opus.

I am here for all the composition and concert needs. I write personalized songs, movie soundtracks, and songs for tv shows, video games, and more, as well as theme songs and jingles for companies and individuals. I entertain on all musical levels, from public events to private ones, from festivals to tours, from contract gigs to corporate events.

Songs for kids, songs for adults, songs for every age and walk—or “sit,” even; as I also write songs for pets! So if your animal needs an up-to-bat song, I’d be happy to make that happen.

Please contact me to discuss and partner–I love being a part of authentic connections and partnerships.

Phone: (650) 868-9042