Mavis Delacroix

Mavis Delacroix Realty

BNI Category: Residential Realtor

Born in New Orleans, Mavis received an academic scholarship to Vassar College, where she majored in mathematics. She went to graduate school at Stanford University as a recipient of a Bell Laboratories Research Fellowship. This analytical background allows Mavis to hold many important details together while keeping an eye on the larger picture throughout negotiations. After receiving her master’s degree, Mavis became a research analyst and later an instructor at California State University, Hayward. Eleven years of teaching has given Mavis the ability to guide clients through the toughest negotiations. She continually educates her clients about the real estate process in order to make a significant emotionally charged experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

A contractor’s daughter from New Orleans, Mavis is not intimidated by the myriad of inspection reports and issues that often arise. She easily digests the content and explains how these issues affect her clients and their investments. Mavis’ reputation among peers and clients alike is characterized by her commitment to respect the rights, needs and integrity of others. She provides a level of care and support rarely found. She brings buyers and sellers together without losing sight of their needs.

Phone: 1-510-541-4020